Clients love us. Lawyers hate us.

A Legal team you not only want to fight for you, but ones you want to grab a beer with. We specialize in many forms of legal services, which include...


George Telquist has 21 years of trial experience in representing plaintiffs and defendants in civil matters. This includes claims of various sizes and magnitudes. He is available to assist in the successful resolution of your case.


Things happen in business. Things happen at home. We get it. We totally feel for you. Our team can help navigate the incredibly stressful and at times the scary world of bankruptcy with confidence and know how.


One of the hardest things a person could ever go through... or the easiest... Our team is THE support and protectors you need in your corner. Let us help you secure you and your families future.


Whether it's a person running a red light, or a clumsy boss who left a street icy, we believe you should never settle when you don't need to. Let us fight for you!


There is no one in our area better at arguing than us. (Hence why Lawyers hate us...) Whatever your circumstance, you will want someone fierce and knowledgeable to fight for you.

That is TMC Law.

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